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About Stephen Stills...

 Stephen Arthur Stills was born in Dallas, Texas on January 3rd, 1945.

 In 1964 he would join his future Buffalo Springfield bandmate, 
Richie Furray in folk group called "The Au Go Go Singers." 
They released one LP called "And they call us au go go singers."

  Then during the mid 1960's he would meet Neil Young and they 
formed a band including themselves and consisting of Richie 
Furray, Dewey Martin, and Bruce Palmer (and later, Jim Messina.)
During this time (1968) Stephen would met David Crosby (a member
of the Byrds) and Stephen asked David to join Buffalo Springfield
on stage at "The Montery Pop Festival" when Neil didn't show.
In 1968, Buffalo Springfield disbanded.

 Later, Stephen and David met Graham Nash (a member of
the Hollies, a Mersey group) at Mama Cass' house in CA. It was 
there they discovered their incredible harmonies together. Later
that year they would record a spectacular debut album titled
"Crosby Stills and Nash." (The album were they are sitting on
a couch.) Some of the songs on this album would include 
"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" (Stills), "Wooden Ships" (Crosby, Stills
& Paul Kanter), "49 Bye-Byes" (Stills) and "Helplessly Hoping"
(Stills). In 1969 they would play at the music festival 
"Woodstock", which Neil Young would join them.

  They would continue to play gigs, including "The Big Sur Folk 
Festival." Another album surfaced in 1970, adding Neil Young into
the lineup titled "Deja Vu." Some songs on this album would include 
"Helpless" (Young), "4+20" (Stills), "Woodstock" (Joni Mitchell) and 
"Our house" (Nash). They would tour after that until 1971, when
they temporarely disbanded.

  (CSN&Y would also release an album called "4 Way Street")
During 1970 and 1971 Stephen would produce two solo albums
titled "Stephen Stills" and "Stephen Stills 2", songs including
"Love the one your with" and "We are not helpless" on his
first solo album. And that album would also include guest
appearances by David Crosby, Graham Nash, Eric Clapton, 
Rita Coolidge and Ringo Starr. The second solo album would
dig more into his solo works, with songs including "Change
Partners" and "Singin' Call." 

  In 1972 and 1973, Stephen would join up with his friends
Chris Hillman (former member of the Byrds), Joe Lala, Al
Perkins, Dallas Taylor, Fuzzy Samuel and Paul Harris to
form the band Manassas. They would release two albums
including their debut "Stephen Stills & Manassas" and
"Stephen Stills & Manassas -- Down the Road." With songs
including "Rock N Roll Crazies", "Colorodo" (on the debut)
and "Pensamiento" and "Do you remember the Americans?" (on
the "Down the Road" album)

  In 1974, he would rejoin to Crosby Stills Nash and Young
and tour with them... In 1975 he produced another solo
album titled "Stills" (songs including "To Mama from 
Christopher and the old man" and "Cold Cold World."

  In December on 1975, another album of Stephen's would
be released titled "Stephen Stills Live", a collection
of live in concert songs.

  In 1976, he would release a solo album titled "Illegal
Stills", songs including "Stateline Blues" and "Different
Tongues." And an album with Neil, with the Stills/Young
Band called "Long may you run", with Young tunes like 
"Long may you run" and Stills tunes "12/8 Blues."

 In 1977, he would rejoin CSN to record their 1977 album
"CSN", adding "Shadow Captain" and "Dark Star" to their

  1978 sparked the release of another Stephen solo 
record titled "Thoroughfare Gap".

  Then he would continue to record more albums with
CSN including "Daylight Again", and "Allies."

  In 1984, he would release another solo album "Right 
By You", including a song he co-wrote with his son Chris 
titled "Stranger."  

  1988 would show a release of CSN&Y's "American Dream"
album, in 1990 CSN's "Live it up", in 1991 a solo
album titled "Stills Alone", 1994 -- CSN's "After the
Storm" CD and they are currently working on a new album
and touring...

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Photo by Ernie Osborne