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From his sandpaper, yet smooth vocals...To his wide range of talent on several musical instruments... I present my website to you in hopes that is well received. And  as a dedication to the deep rooted, soulful, compassionate person... With exuberant energy like through a child's eyes, but with such intense, thought provoking poignant lyrics and music flowing through his veins as he channels it to whatever he touches, and mesmerizes us all with his ability to touch many people, right down to their very hearts and souls... Captain Manyhands to all that come aboard his ship, a unique individual by the name of...

*Stephen Stills*

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Artwork by A. Beck - Copyright 1999  A. Beck

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"There's a place... I can get to... "


All artwork and HTML: Copyright 1999  A. Beck - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

DISCLAIMER: This page is not affiliated with Stephen Stills - I've create it for all enthusiasts of Stills' work, and individuality.