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Other albums Stills has lended his talents to:


Joni Mitchell - "Songs to a Seagull" (bass by Stills on "Night in the city") Mama Cass - "Dream a little dream" (guitar by Stills) The Monkees - "Head" (Soundtrack) (not credited guitar by Stills to "Do I have to do this all over again?") The Monkees - The birds, the bees, and the Monkees "Lady's baby" (bonus alternate take on CD) (guitar by Stills) Judy Collins - "Who knows where the time goes" "Hello Hooray" (guitar by Stills), "My father" (guitar by Stills), "Someday soon" (guitar by Stills), "Who knows where the time goes" (guitar by Stills), "Poor immigrant" (bass by Stills), "First boy I loved" (guitar by Stills, "Pretty Polly" (guitar by Stills),


Jefferson Airplane - "Volunteers" (organ by Stills) "Wooden ships" (co written by Stills and D. Crosby) Richie Havens - "Richard P. Havens, 1983" "Just above my hobby horse's head" (bass by Stills) Joan Baez - "Any day now" (guitar by Stills)


Neil Young - "After the goldrush" (vocal by Stills) Eric Clapton - "Eric Clapton" "Let it rain" (bass and vocal by Stills) John Sebastian - "John B. Sebastian" "She's a lady" (guitars by Stills and D. Crosby) "Baby don't ya go crazy" (guitar by Stills) Joni Mitchell - "Ladies of the canyon" "The circle game" (vocals possibly by CSN&Y credited as the Lookout Mountain United Downstairs Choir) Timothy Leary - "You can be anyone this time around" "Live and let live" (guitar by Stills) Doris Troy - "Doris Troy" (guitar by Stills) "Special care" (written by Stills) "Gonna get my baby back" (co-written by Stills) "You give me joy joy" (co-written by Stills) Lois Griffith - "Just for this one moment" (co-written by Stills) Ringo Starr - "It don't come easy" (guitar by Stills)


Jimi Hendrix - "The cry of love" "My friend" (not credited guitar by Stills) Joni Mitchell - "Blue" "Carey" (bass and guitar by Stills) Rita Coolidge - "Rita Coolidge" "Second story window" (guitar by Stills) "Crazy love" (guitar by Stills; vocal by G. Nash) Bill Withers - "Just as I am" "Ain't no sunshine" (guitar by Stills) Delaney and Bonnie - "Motel shot" (not credited guitar by Stills)


Neil Young - "Harvest" "Alabama" (vocals by Stills & D. Crosby) "Words" (vocals by Stills & Nash Neil Young - "Journey through the past" (soundtrack) "For what's worth" (written and live vocal by Stills), "Mr. soul" (live vocal by Stills), "Rock & roll woman" (written and live vocal by S. Stills), "Find the cost of freedom" (written and guitar by Stills; live vocals by CSN&Y), "Ohio (live guitars and vocals by CSN&Y) "Southern man" (live guitars and vocals by CSN&Y), "Alabama" (studio rehearsals and conversation) (vocals and voices by Crosby & Stills) Joni Mitchell - "For the roses" "Blonde in the bleachers" (Rock 'n Roll Band by Stills) Mickey Hart - "Rolling thunder" (mixdown by S. Stills) "The main ten (playing in the band)" (bass by Stills) Humble Pie - "Smokin'" "30 days in a hole" (vocal by Stills) "Old time feelin" (vocal by Stills)


R.E.O. Speedwagon - "Ridin' the storm out" "Open up" (written by Stills)


Veronique Sanson - "Le maudit" (co-mixed by Stills)


Neil Young - Zuma "Through my sails" (vocals by CSN; bass by Stills) Elvin Bishop - "Juke joint jump" "Rollin' home" (guitar by Stills)


Chris Hillman - "Slippin' away" (co-management and co-direction by Stills) Firefall - "Firefall" "It doesn't matter" (co-written by Stills) Bee Gees - "Children of the world" "You should be dancing" (additional percussion by Stills)


Dave Mason - "Let if flow" "Seasons" (vocal by Stills)


Dave Mason - "Mariposa de oro" "Warm and tender love" (vocal by Stills) "Share your love" (vocal by Stills)


Havana Jam - "Cuba al fin" (co-written and performed by Stills)


Ringo Starr - "Stop and smell the roses" "You've got a nice way" (co-written by Stills) "Red and black blues" (addition on cd in 1994) "Wake up" (addition on cd in 1994) (these songs produced, vocal and guitar by S. Stills) The Michael Schenker Group - "msg" (vocal by S. Stills) Joe Vitale - "Plantation harbor" "I'm flyin'" (vocals by Stills & Nash) "Lady on the rock" (co-written by Stills)


Firefall - "Break of dawn" "Break of dawn" (vocal, piano and guitar by Stills)


Texas World Reunion All - "Here is my love, pass it along" (part of live vocal chorus by Stills)


Devonsquare - "Bye, bye route 66" "Straightaway" (guitar by Stills)


Flaco Jimenez - "Partners" "Change partners" (written, vocal and guitar by Stills) Thomas Jefferson Kaye - "Not alone" "Livin' on rock & roll" (co-written by Stills) Nintendo: "White Nuckle Scorin'" "How have you been?" (performed by CSN)


Hapa - "Hapa" "kaopuiki aloha" (guitar by Stills)


Flipper (soundtrack) "Main title" (vocals by CSN) Back to main...

Artworks by A. Beck, Copyright  1998 A. Beck - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED