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April Beck
P.O. Box 1251
Snellville, GA 30278-1251
United States

Howdy    folks!!

Brent (my bub): Little bitty do do.

SIS Leann: Does Chris still have a milk mustache?! LOL!

SIS Ging: Giiiiiiinger!!!! Don't jump in the tea!

SIS Patience: Hey, SIS! How are ya?

SIS RL: Good to see you back, my friend! ((hugs)) ^c^

DON J NIC: MOO!!!! I say MOO, man!

Dave D.: "I am not addicted, you are..." (to AOL)

Tammy: Hey there! :c) :c)) ^c^ 'c'

HipyGrlSml:  Are you gonna say St*lls? you know that 
                      word makes me hyper!

Christina: Uh... is there any disco stuff on VH-1? ahh!

Gary: Your track on the CSNY compilation rocks man!!

Chris: How are ya, my fellow Nash fan?

If I've forgotten anybody...don't be mad...ok? E-mail me
and I'll add ya's if I forgot to add ya's... 

Oh and also please don't get any hurt feelings over the arrangement of names here... All of you all are equally close friends to me! And I think you *all* are wonderful groovy people! Glad you all are my close buds!! Back to main...