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Happy Birthday Stephen!!!! 

January 3rd


"Stephen - you enrich so many peoples lives with your music, your soul and your charisma. I am proud to host this site in honor of you, just for those reasons and to wish you a Birthday filled with love, hope, happiness, and joy, just like you bring to all of us in each and every song and note you create. This Birthday tribute here is just a sample of many people who admire you and love what you share.  A warm thank you extended to you and here's wishing you the brightest of years ahead.  Happy Birthday, Stephen! To quote you at Woodstock, "We just love ya, we just love ya ;-)"...

 - Webmaster, RnRWoman  (

"Happy Birthday - I love you man!"   

Ginger  ( 
- Detroit, Michigan


"Happy Birthday Stephen! Really enjoy listening to your guitar playing and singing. Hope there is a new solo album from you soon!  

Thought of another incident with Stills. It was actually the same night he was attacked by the lobster dinner in Atlantic City. I ran into Stills going up the esculator at the Sands Casino in Atlantic City! I was going down the other esculator and said, "Hi," and waved. Stills sort of glared at me and gave me a "who are you look?" Later that night, I got to shake his hand which was cool! I think I confused him...hehe. Everyone else by the stage was giving him the "high fives" I stuck my hand out..Stills stared at it for a sec...smiled, and shook it. He's got a strong grip!"

Don J. Nic (
Union, New Jersey

(Photo by Bill Haines)


  "Also Happy b-day Stephen!!!  I keep listening!!!"



"My favorite Stills story from on-stage appearances occured in 1977 when I saw CSN in Birmingham, AL on the "boat" tour. Legendary University of Alabama football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant was still alive at the time. When the guys came back out for encores, Stephen was wearing an Alabama football jersey and cap. When they started into an electric version of
"Teach Your Children", Stills said "we'd like to dedicate this to Poppa Bear Bryant". I thought it was touching.

Eddie Hill

"Unfortunately I do not have a Stephen Stills story to share to help in celebrating his birthday. I would,  however, like to say that I have never been so moved  by a performance as I was when I first saw him  perform at Woodstock. No, I wasn't was just a few years before my existence was even  thought about....but I was able to *accidentally* see the CSN segment from the Woodstock documentary/movie. I have been taken in by musicians in the past, and have become mesmerized  by their musical talents. But watching Stephen sing Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (the first time I ever really heard the song in it's entirety) made my heart stop.  He was amazing. There are just no words to describe the emotions that I felt. I will admit that it was his voice that hooked me in the beginning, but as I continue to learn more about him as a musician, I have come to appreciate all of his contributions to music....including his guitar playing (something of  which I *still* know little about, but I am trying to 
educate myself <g>).

Happy Birthday, Stephen!"

Kimberly Provenzano

"Happy Birthday Stephen.  Thanks for the Music, Long May it Continue."

                                         Lincolnshire, England

"saw you in Memphis in '74; Nashville in'99 ,and several times in b'ham over the years .id like to thank you for your tremendous contribution to popular particular, sjbe's which i consider to be the best pop song ever,and johnnie's garden,which was a favorite of my late wife.she pressed the sheet music into a picture frame along with many 4-leaf clovers.i still have it after 25 years and it is beautiful as ever i wish you much happiness in the future."

t b.

May all your days be bright ......and rock and roll all night!
To my all time favorite guitar slinger... have a great day.
Gigs in 2001? Here's hoping....

All the best,"

Lorraine Kaczorowski

"happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear stephen,
happy birthday to you!"

Liz from Tahoe

"Happy Birthday, Stephen!
You've created the background music for the better part of my life.  I
was 7 years old when I first heard "Suite:Judy Blue Eyes" on the radio. Stopping everything, I  just listened..... a child who's attention and imagination were completey captured by that sound.  In my mind's eye I could "see"  the poetic imagery of the words-- feel every vocal and instrumental element. My musical tastes from then on have been profoundly shaped by your music (in its many incarnations).  Ignoring the disco thing my friends were into in my teens, I instead spent those years with you, David, Graham and Neil.  My musical tastes now range all over the map, but what I always come home to is the songs and sound that took a 7 year old Fresno, California girl to a magical place."

Jennifer  (

"Hi Stephen!

With the possible exceptions of Lennon and McCartney, you are the very
best songwriter ever to emerge from within the rock/pop environment.
From ”Go And Say Goodbye” to ”No Tears Left” an irresistible string of
pure class.

I hope your 56th birthday won't make you put the guitar (or bass, organ,
piano, drums, percussion) on the shelf, because the world needs more
Stephen Stills music! Hopefully already this year.

...and when you make up new touring plans, please don't forget Sweden.
It's been many years, and I'm really longing to seeing you live for the
first time!"

All the best,

Daniel Reichberg,

"Hi Stephen and Happy Birthday.  I hope your life is filled with the
happiness and emotion your songs have brought to me.  Thanks so much for
the gift you have given us-you really touch us.  I caught your last Santa Barbara  gig with the boys.  You are still the best vocalist, lyricist and guitarist on the planet.  I've been in love with your music for thirty years and counting.  Your cd's are always in my car and on my turntable at home.  Chris' voice and music are pretty awesome, too-he has learned so much from the master!  Please don't ever stop creating your magic!  Have a great year ahead!"

April Bates
Buellton, CA


"I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to Stephen Stills, the master of interesting guitar tones! Stephen, your playing is extremely expressive and inspiring and I hope you'll play near Binghamton, NY so I can hear you live someday. Happy Birthday and best wishes from me and my family!"


Jeff McFadden

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