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(Concert review from Dallas, 1971)


by Lorraine Haacke Amusements Writer

Stephen Stills is obviously a strong performer and talented individual out oun his own and he proved it last night to a SRO audience at Memorial Auditorium (Dallas)..

One of the original members of the supergroup, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Stills carried the entire two-hour plus concert with ease and style, presenting a fascinating display of his musical talents. The show was a smooth one, with Stills wisely including solo selectionss as well as those backed by his own group and the Memphis Horns, the latter being a six-man brass section.

Stills offered top samples of his musical ability, carefully controlling the pace of the selections. He scored naturally with his popular "LOve the One Your With" , a number from his first solo album.

Blending the fast with the slow and soft with the loud, Stills included a number from his newest and very fine album, "Stephen Stills 2". "Word Game" and "Bluebird Revisited" were, of course, among them.

Stills, who recently moved to Colorado, has teamed with a sharp guitarist, Steve Fromholz, since that move, and Fromholz, who just happens to be a Texas native, was along for last night's concert. The duo joined on several numbers, showing off a package should be watched for in the future. Bringing out the brass section, which, incidentally, is top notch, Stills closed his excellent program with "Lean on Me", a still unrecorded number, and two selections from his first album, "Cherokee" and "Church".

All in all, it was a top concert from every angle-one that surely supported Stills' versatility as a musician and vocalist and his abiltiy as a writer.

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