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About me...

Hi there... This page is to let you all know a little more
about me. My screen name is Rock and Roll Woman (RnRWoman)
and it's from the Bufflo Springfield tune. I started to
like Stephen Stills music when I was very little, ever since
I was very tiny (pre-teens)(also the same with the Beatles,
Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Hollies and the Byrds). In the 
late 1980's, I got this video tape  at the store, a special 
on "Rolling Stone" magazine, which has alot of musical artists 
on it. When Buffalo Springfield came on, I just sat and stared 
at Stephen on the screen. I knew the music, but not the people 
in the band specifically. Something about his expressions, his 
lyrics, and the way he presented himself made me have this deep 
feeling inside, like I should find out more about him... So, I
did...and I'm a fan of his ever since.

  I like almost all types of music...Christian, rock, folk,
country, blues, etc. Some of my face folk/rock arists are
Bread, Buffalo Springfield, Byrds, Crosby Stills Nash and
Young, Hollies, Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell, Seals and
Crofts, Chris Stills, U2, etc.

  My hobbies are designing artworks, music, musician
and writing. I also like to collect and play guitars
as well as other musical instruments. 

  If you have AOL's Instant Messanger software you can
reach me at the screen name StillsFan. Or if you use
ICQ instant messenger you can reach me at UID # 3356294.
Or if you'd like to e-mail me you can reach me at the
e-mail address on this page... Thanks for checking out
the page and check back soon for updates.

Info and e-mail:

Flower Child Productions
P.O. Box 1251,
Snellville, GA 30278-1251
United States