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* New updated look to the site! 

* Updated Picture Section - Check out the great photography from Mike Cucuru and the Stills List's very own Liz!

* New Multimedia page - for Stephen wav's and MIDI's!

* New Links Page - Links to help the environment as well as Stephen links and related!

* New Stills Artwork Page - Under construction!


* An Award From A Fellow Stills Fan *

Sent in by Jessica, to show her appreciation for the site! Thanks Jessica!  


* Stills Site Win's Legacy Award! *

 This Stills Site has just received a "Legacy Choice    Award - For Excellence." Many thanks to the people at Legacy!  Click on the award or here for more information... 


* A BIG honor! *

This site has just won's Golden Pick Award! RnRWoman extends her very humble gratitude! Click here for more information.


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