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Stills Quotes

"Is this prison... or do you call it love?"  

"You can only appologize for so much." 

"There are three things men can do with women; love them, suffer for them, or turn them into literature." 

"You know that trust is so hard to give, but you must, or you will live alone" 

"Hey man, I just gotta say, that you people, heh heh... have gotta be the strongest buncha people people I ever saw. Three days man! Three days... We just love ya, we just love ya... Tell 'em who we are." - Woodstock 1969

"Thank you, we needed that... heh heh... this is the second time we've played in front of people, man. We're scared shitless." - Woodstock 1969 

"What this place needs is a good tapdance!" - Detroit, Michigan, 1969

Greg Kinnear asks Stephen what was different from this Woodstock (1994) from the original. In which Stephen replies, "The check cleared!"

"All are strangers, all are friends, all are brothers" 

"We just gotta let it all be... Cuz it all will be however it's gonna." - at the Big Sur Folk Festival, '69

"Keep your eyes in the back of your head, and a chain fence to your wallet. But most of all... have fun." - Stephen's advice to his son Christopher, about the music industry.

"Considering what's out there now, I'm glad to be a part of something different."

"We're going to get it right, or I'm going to quit the band and work on my car!" - Philly, PA 1990

"Now I see why baseball players get so pissed off when people throw beachballs on the field... heh heh heh hah hah" - Philly, PA 1990

"We translated it all into words for reassurance. Someday reassurance by words won't be necessary." - "Journey Through the Past"  (contributed by BH)

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