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Concert Reviews

If you have any reviews of a Stills show you've been to and would like to share, please send to: and I'll post them to the site. Thanks! 

And now for the reviews...


Here's a review from

I just got back from my little trip to see Mr. Stills play at this biker fest -- 10,000 Harley guys!

I couldnt find out what time the darn thing started, but we figured we'd get there about 3 on Sunday, having stayed at Avila Beach the nite before (about 120 mi. up the coast) to catch some rays. Well, we get to the parking lot, and this guy tells me that the concert is over, that Stills had played around 1 PM I just about lost it, but my friend Suzanne calmed me down, and we figured we would check out the booths selling biker paraphernalia and tattoos. Imagine my joy as I park the car next to about 7000 bikes, and hear the familiar strains of "Love the One You're With."

The guy had been messing with my head! So we got over to the show area, moseyed our way through the bikers, who, by the way, were VERY nice, courteous, funny, flirtatious, all good things, and made it to the front of the stage.

Here's my take on the show. I think Stephen overall is in very good form. He looks great. He was wearing green shorts, tan loafers, and a shirt with palms on it, yellow background and green and pink palm trees. And by the way, if any of the ladies on the board are interested, Stills has GREAT TOES!

He had the band with him -- Gerald was there, wiggling his butt, but no sequined cap this time. He had on this great t shirt -- a picture of Ann Margaret, from the movie, Kitten With a Whip! I think that was an early movie of hers. Gerald is great! He seemed really happy to be there. Finns was there, Vitale on drums, and Doug Hamlin on guitar. I dont think I've seen Hamlin before -- he is a very good guitar player.

The audience was very psyched for this show, and very appreciative. Stills said they hadnt seen each other for three months, but you wouldnt know it. They played a very tight set. I had a great time.

Here is the set list. He played for about an hour and a half.
Love the One You're With
Marrakech Express
Change Partners
49 Bye Byes
No Tears Left
Southern Cross
Treetop Flier
Just Want to Get Next to You (Finnegan sang this Temptations' song)
Long Time Gone (No comment!)
Dark Star
For What It's Worth
Carry On

I got to meet Hamlin and Finnegan and told him that before I got to old to enjoy going to concerts, I'd like to see him sing "Barrel of Pain" live. 


Here's a review on Omaha from: 

Stephen Stills played the local gambling house here last night, to a sold out house. A great 95 minute show, that included 3 songs with Finnigan on lead vocal. I believe that that the slide guitarist was Doug Haywood ????, and he was very good.. The high point in the show was a blistering version of Mr. Soul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a chance to talk to Gerald Johnson, who confirmed that CSN will be out on the road this Fall. We did get to the show early enough to sit front row center. My ears are still ringing. A great show. 


Here's a review from Wanda about Stills' Chicago show:

Well, I am back from Chicago and my ears are still ringing! It was a GREAT night!!!!
This is the first time that I have seen Stephen minus C/N since the early 70's. I have always loved Stephen's talent as a singer/songwriter and his guitar playing ability. Last night validated my feelings even more. He played nearly a 2 hour set in front of a packed House of Blues. Stephen came out on stage with lotsa smiles and high energy...he looked like he was truly happy to be
there. He started out by saying hi to the groups up in the "Box Seats" and then looked at us down on the dance floor and said "And you all in the cheap seats -- you and I are what is going to make this show." He then proceeded to play what seemed to be a 10 minute "Love the One You're With"... The crowd went crazy and was very interactive throughout the whole show!
Joe Vitale and Mike Finnegan were fine!!! Yea!!! Mike contributed three very fine bluesy tunes to the list - Bad Sign, Can't Get Next To You, and Death Letter (?). And Gerald Johnson... LOL!!! He was being himself. Highlights of the night for me were 49 Bye Byes, Southern Cross, FWIW, and Tree Top Flyer. Disappointments were: no Change Partners and nothing from Manassas... And I really didn't care much for the new song. Stephen wore light blue jeans, a yellow shirt with pink, green, and blue palm trees and houses, and black loafers -- and he also had a great smile!!!
Last night was a total treat!!! Thanks Stephen!!!
Be "Stills" my heart!!!
Smiles, Wanda

(Concert review from Dallas, 1971)


by Lorraine Haacke Amusements Writer

Stephen Stills is obviously a strong performer and talented individual out oun his own and he proved it last night to a SRO audience at Memorial Auditorium (Dallas)..

One of the original members of the supergroup, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Stills carried the entire two-hour plus concert with ease and style, presenting a fascinating display of his musical talents. The show was a smooth one, with Stills wisely including solo selectionss as well as those
backed by his own group and the Memphis Horns, the latter being a six-man brass section.

Stills offered top samples of his musical ability, carefully controlling the pace of the selections. He scored naturally with his popular "LOve the One Your With" , a number from his first solo album.

Blending the fast with the slow and soft with the loud, Stills included a number from his newest and very fine album, "Stephen Stills 2". "Word Game" and "Bluebird Revisited" were, of course, among them.

Stills, who recently moved to Colorado, has teamed with a sharp guitarist, Steve Fromholz, since that move, and Fromholz, who just happens to be a Texas native, was along for last night's concert. The duo joined on several numbers, showing off a package should be watched for in the future. Bringing out the brass section, which, incidentally, is top notch, Stills closed his excellent program with "Lean on Me", a still unrecorded number, and two selections from his first
album, "Cherokee" and "Church".

All in all, it was a top concert from every angle-one that surely supported Stills' versatility as a musician and vocalist and his abiltiy as a writer.

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