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Stephen Stills

The Stephen Stills Children's Music Project: One of Stephen's charities.

Ernie Osborne's Stills Photo's: Wonderful photography!

Stephen Stills Golf Story: Read about one of Stephen's many hobbies, playing golf.

Stephen Leaves Handprints on Rockwalk: Check out when Stephen was inducted into the "Rockwalk"


Stills related

Chris Stills: The official Chris Stills Site.

Martin Guitar, Co.: Learn about one of Stephen's favorite kinds of guitar, and his signature series the SS D-45.



Suite And excellent CSNY Site, with great graphics, and articles... Not to mention a good Stephen section. Crosby Stills Nash and  Young's official site.

NEW! 4 Way Site: Stijg's site dedicated to CSNY, with downloads, desktops, sounds, plus more. VERY impressive site!

Hans' CSN Site: Another official site, maintained by Hans, and Stephen Barncard. Links to other CSN pages, as well as booking info.

Neil Neil's official site.

New CSNY books!:  Find out info about two new books of CSNY which will be available in the year 2001, a project by Francesco Lucarelli, Stefano Frollano, Herman Verbeke, and Lucien Van Diggelen. Make sure you check out this site.



The Hunger Site: From this site you can donate food for free to the hungry people in the world. A web based charity to help Animals and the environment through e-cards.



Other Kewl Sites

Guardian Chaos: My Brother's homepage. All kinds of music links + much more. And also, find out why a candy bar is good for breakfast. LOL

Don J. Nic: A close friend of mine, and a member of the CSNY List "the Lee-Shore" and the Stephen Stills discussion list, his page has kewl music links. And a very interesting tape trade page.

Nickel Creek: Check out this link to find out more information about this incredible Contemporary Bluegrass group.

Active Worlds: A kewl 3d virtual reality program. You won't believe it when you see it!

Petticoat Junction: One of my favorite Classic TV shows. I know, I know, it's not music oriented, but with the big Cannonball train, I think Neil would like this site! LOL Find tons of images of Stephen, and other subjects.

Henry Diltz: An awesome page with photography by an awesome photographer!

NEW! Dos Hoss: Check out her Peter & Gordon Homepage!

NEW! John Vester: Webpage of Singer/Songwriter


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